Introducing Lead pastor

Andrew Watkins


"I have been impressed with Andrews maturity, humility and love of his family.  He is a man seeking after God's heart and I'm excited to see how the Lord will use him at BCC".              -John Stewart, Elder member of Pulpit Committee

Dear Bethlehem Community Church,

First of all, thank you for praying! I’m sure many of you have been praying fervently throughout this time of transition for your pulpit committee, your elders, and your next Lead Pastor. Please know that we are all grateful for your prayers and have been praying for you as we’ve sought the Lord’s will together. 

I know you’ve been waiting for this day with eager anticipation. So have I! You probably have many questions for me, so it’s our hope that you’ll find the information on this page helpful in getting to know my family.

God is doing amazing things in and through BCC. The future is bright and we’re excited about all God has in store!

Looking forward to seeing you soon,

Andrew Watkins


To view the announcement that was read to the congregation on January 26, 2020, please click HERE

"Andrew and Veronika are warm and loving.  They fit so well into who God has made us as a church"

-Betty Bassett, Deaconess member of the Pulpit Committee

  • Andrew's Story

    When you spend time with Andrew, Veronika and their wonderful children, you will know that they fit into the BCC community. To learn more about Andrew, please click HERE

  • andrew's Sermons

    Andrew is a gifted teacher and preacher of God's word.  We are excited to have him share with us.  To listen to Andrews prior sermons, please click HERE

  • Andrew's heart for Ministry

    We are excited that Andrew shares our vision for ministry with us.  To read about this vision, please click HERE

  • Questions for Andrew

    While there will be a number of great opportunities to meet with Andrew and his family individually and ask questions, we have provided a frequently asked questions page which is available by clicking HERE

  • Calendar of events

    Andrew and Veronika will be with us from February 2nd - February 9th.  For a listing of the scheduled events, please click HERE

  • How did we get here

    The Pulpit Committee worked prayerfully and diligently throughout our tenure to seek the man who God was calling to join us here at BCC.  To view the information that was prepared and presented to applicants, including the process that was utilized, click HERE

"It has been an honor and privilege to be part of the process of seeking who God has chosen as our Lead Pastor.  It has been awe inspiring to witness God's faithfulness and see His hand at work not only in the process, but in each of us on the Pulpit Committee and Board of Elders.  God has been so loving and gentle with us throughout this process.  We all had ideas of who the Lord would raise up, but in Andrew we see so much more than we could have imagined for BCC.  Clearly God has shown us that Andrew not only fits in BCC, but that he is the man God has chosen." 

-Joe Agresta, Elder member of the Pulpit Committee.