Coronavirus Update

It is our desire to provide clear and concise information regarding the Coronavirus pandemic; and what our response and responsibility as a church is.  We know that you may be concerned.  We know that the response from those around us is frightening. There is likely some in our own community, family or in the church who is infected or will become so. Our responsibility as a church is to provide for the well-being of our church body, and to compassionately care for those in need among and around us.  We do not know when this will end.  But we do know that God has a plan for His church in the midst of this storm.  We encourage you to take this opportunity to reach out to your neighbors, friends, co-workers and families.  Encourage them to find peace in the only place they can find it - in Christ Jesus! Be a light in the darkness around you.  Be kind, considerate and loving in a time when selfishness and self-preservation is all that others are thinking about. And please don't neglect the fellowship of the believers.  Call upon those in the church who may be alone.  Reach out to the parents of the children who are now "homeschooling." Encourage a teenager who has never experienced anything like this and isn't sure how to handle it.  Offer a hand to run for groceries, bake some cookies or just pray with someone.  Lets BE the church!

Sunday worship Service

Out of necessity to protect especially the most vulnerable in our church community, we have prayerfully and regrettably concluded that we will not meet for Sunday Worship as a church body for at least a matter of weeks.  We are working to utilize technology which will allow us to gather "together" in our homes to worship The Lord.  This will provide an opportunity for us to worship, pray and receive solid teaching.  Each Sunday morning, there will be a sermon focused on Christ and challenging us to a deeper walk with Him.  The messages will be available HERE

Church Office

In our desire to keep our staff and their families, as well as our visitors safe during this time, the church buildings, including the office will be closed until further notice.  While the office is closed, the work of the ministry continues.  We have access to email and voicemail and remain available to serve the church body.  You can email the church at  The church phone number is (518) 439-3135.

small groups

Small groups are the lifeblood of the relational church that makes BCC so special.  During this time, many small groups are staying connected by utilizing technology, such as using Zoom video as well as by text, FaceTime, and by phone.  Each small group leader is determining how best to use technology to maintain connectedness as we navigate this time.  BCC has provided tools to enable leaders to more easily connect.  If you have any questions, please contact your small group leader or email the office.  

lending a helping hand

As we work to bring together new ways to engage together in prayer, worship and the word, we also recognize that for some there is a need to engage in even more practical ways. We want to be the hands and feet of Jesus as we are called to truly love one another (Matthew 25:35-40). In that spirit of love and service, we are asking you to please let us know if you need any assistance. There are many who have quarantined as a precaution. Some may be home with kids and unable to venture out to the store. Perhaps you need help obtaining groceries or prescriptions. Maybe you need some help with other tasks. Whatever your situation, if you need any assistance, please email us HERE.  We have a group of volunteers who are ready, willing and able to lend assistance to our church family and community. We would remind you and encourage you, especially in this time, to please check on neighbors, friends and family who may be isolated. Even a phone call can lift someone’s spirits in these days.  Please remember that God is still on the throne. He is not shaken. He is not afraid. He is trustworthy and true. We can lean upon Him as we lean upon one another. 


We are a people called to pray for and with one another.  Leonard Ravenhill said of prayer: God doesn't answer prayer - He answers desperate prayer.  Especially in these trying times, we want to desperately seek the Lord in prayer together.  Please submit a prayer request by going HERE.  

youth and Children's Programs

We understand that these are uncertain days and that your child’s routine has been interrupted.  Trying to manage “homeschooling” while also likely working from home yourself is challenging.  In no way do we want to put more burdens upon you and your family in this time.  However, the only real answer to the challenges that we face in our homes and in this world is to come to Jesus.  You may find it difficult to talk with your children about what is happening. Go HERE for a helpful resource. 

 Our desire is to assist you in these difficult times with opportunities for your child to engage with some of the things that they love about church.  There is no way to recreate the experience of being together at church; but it may be helpful for your child to participate in familiar activities.  Below you will find the resources that we are making available for the children and youth of BCC.  

  • Sunday school (k-5th grade)

    Sunday School will continue to us the Superbook curriculum that your child is familiar with.  Each week we will update the video link below, which will take you to the videos for the Sunday lesson.  Your child may watch the videos anytime during the week in preparation for "Sunday School" which will take place on Sundays at 11:45am utilizing the meeting link. 

    Video Link (please watch during the week): 10 Commandments

    Meeting Link (11:45 Sundays):

  • awana

    The leadership of AWANA has expressed a great desire to continue to provide for the spiritual growth of all the clubbers who have been so active this year.  Please follow the link below at the appointed time for the large group lesson:  

    Sparks meets Tuesdays 4:00-4:30 pm

    Sparks Link:

    T&T meets Tuesday 6:00-6:30 pm

    T&T Link:

Ignite high school youth group

As BCC is doing it’s part to slow the spread of Covid-19, Ignite Youth is also making our weekly meetings accessible via Zoom. Although our digital meetings will not allow for us to play games and eat great food, the heart of Ignite will remain the same- to show our students Jesus and encourage them to grow in their faith with direct application from God’s Word.  We meet each Thursday evening 6:30-7:30pm. We know that this season in life may feel overwhelming to our students, but it is an opportunity to pour into each other and dig deeper into our relationships with the Lord. If your high school student (grade 9-12) is interested in joining our weekly meeting, send an email to