elders blog

The Elders have established this page to provide an opportunity to share with the congregation  words to encourage, inspire, challenge and help us all grow in our relationship with Christ and our call to walk as Christ in the world around us.  

God has each of us right now where He wants us and interacting with people He wants us to be with.  Our actions in this time speaks volumes.  People are watching and looking to us.  Each of us has much stress in the place He has us now.  But in our weakness He is strong. - Joe

The present situation reminds me of the question I asked God when I was entering 6 months of being essentially quarantined to my bed.  Just as God made the Apostle Paul effective during his imprisonment, how Lord will you make me effective during my "imprisonment?" May we all look to our Lord for the equipping of effectiveness during our quarantine.  Though we are essentially imprisoned, the living Holy Spirit who dwells in each of us, knows no boundaries. - Paul