• Andrew Watkins, Lead Pastor/elder

    We are pleased to present Andrew Watkins as our new Lead Pastor.  Andrew has been affirmed by the congregation and will be joining us in the months to come.  To find out more about Andrew and his family, please go HERE

  • Geoffrey ekstein, executive pastor/elder

  • thomas patterson, associate pastor/elder

Lay elders

  • Joe Agresta

  • paul anderson

  • pete siciliano

  • john stewart


Peter Anderson

Mike Constantine

Dave Handen

Dale Houghtaling

John Kissling

Dave Newell

Steve Rowe

Chuck Vanwie

David VanWie

Don Wood


Betty Bassett

Pam Bishop

Meg Bugler

Line Callahan

Melanie Frueh

Paula Handen

Eileen Germain

Melissa Lennon

Kay Leonard

Michaele Michalak

Angie Newell

Lousie Nolan

Leslie Wood